Top 10 Software Features Every Yoga Studio Needs

Top 10 Yoga Studio Software Features

Here are our top 10 Yoga studio software features every Yoga studio needs to build a thriving business. In no particular order, these features will help distinguish your studio from the crowd!

10. Reporting

Quality reports are vital to help you understand how well your studio is performing from month to month.

Top reports for tracking your Yoga studios performance include:

  • Income reports to help track total sales
  • Activity reports to help identify poor class utilisation
  • Payroll reports to track income per instructor
  • Client reports to help you build better client relationships
  • Sales reports to help you identify which are you best performing class passes

9. Mobile Accessibility

Being able to access and view your studio’s classes, bookings and payments while on the run is a huge bonus.

Even better is being able to manage all aspects your studio while on the run. Software that lets you manage (not just view) classes, clients management and payments are worth their weight in gold!

Mobile accessibility is also expected by your clients and an important way to increase your client retention and customer satisfaction.

Now days with the rise of Progressive Web Apps (PWA) web based booking systems can even be download to a phones home screen without needing to visit the app store! That’s one less barrier to get your new clients engaged with your studio 🙂

8. Online Bookings

Sure, being able to take bookings online is one of the top reasons Yoga studios choose an online booking system. Being open for bookings 24/7 means you can increase your revenue while doing less work.

But while some systems merely accept an online booking request form, the best performing systems offer a seamless customer experience from online booking through to payment and management. We recommend the latter!

7. Website Integration

Having a booking system is great but if it doesn’t integrate with your website, how will your clients know where to browse your schedule and book their classes?

Website integrations which can be customised to the colour scheme of your studio branding are a big plus and create a more professional look.

We also recommend an integrated schedule which allows clients to browse and buy packs of bookings to schedule later, or browse your events and workshops.

6. Client Self-Service

It’s great if your clients can browse and book online, but it’s even better if they can cancel or reschedule their bookings themselves.

Client self-service will save you hours of rescheduling every week. It will also increase your clients level of service satisfaction leading to greater customer retention!

5. Online Payment Processing

Online payment processing offers Yoga studio owners the highest level in automated convenience.

When online payment processing has been fully integrated with a booking system, you can secure payments upfront so there’s no chasing clients who don’t pay on time.

Online payment processing does come with the cost of additional fees, but has the benefit of added convenience.

4. Automated Waiting Lists

Ah yes, the humble waiting list. Busy studios know that clients want to reserve their spots for the most popular class times. When classes reach capacity it can be a time consuming exercise maintaining multiple class waiting lists.

That’s why automated waiting lists are a great way to save yourself time and deliver a gold service level to your clients.

3. Separate Staff Logins

Yoga studios which employ multiple teachers often require separate staff logins. Having staff logins means you can keep your sensitive studio data (financials etc) away from harm.

2. Online Waivers

Running a Yoga studio is great fun when things are going well, but when things don’t you to have the right legal documentation in place to protect you.

Ensuring every client who attends classes has signed a waiver is the best way to protect you and your studio from potential harm.

1. Flexible Pricing Options

What differentiates good Yoga studio software from a truly great Yoga studio software is its ability to allow you to create flexible pricing options.

This means allowing you to sell different types of class passes, unlimited passes, drop ins, weekly reservations and more.

The very best Yoga studio software will also allow you to create pricing options which help you to increase your revenue (minimum commitment periods + auto-debit) and increase client retention (recurring bookings).

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