Top 7 Tips For Switching Yoga Or Pilates Studio Software

How To Change Your Yoga or Pilates Studio Booking Software

Woohoo! So you have finally made the decision to switch to a new online booking system! You have the perfect software for your Yoga or Pilates studio but are now faced with the question of how to move from one booking software to another?

As Benjamin Franklin once famously said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” Here are our top 7 tips for ensuring a seamless switch.

Tip 1. Set A Launch Date

Set an official launch date. Your launch date should be the first day of a new month, or the first day of a new financial year. It should also be set far enough in the future (but not too far) that you have enough time prepare for and make the transition.

Once you have set the launch date, ensure your team know it, prepare your planning around it and stick to it!

Tip 2: Communication

Communication is key. Always remember to keep these audience groups in the loop well in advance of your launch day.

  • Staff will need time to familiarise themselves with your new booking system. They should feel comfortable using it well before the launch.
  • Your website host needs to know about any changes to your website including new links to live schedules etc.
  • Old booking software provider needs to know if you are cancelling your subscription with them and that you will require your data exported.
  • New booking software support team Needs to know when you plan to launch so they can be on hand to help if needed.
  • Your clients need to know that they will be accessing their bookings differently in the future and what that means for them.

Tip 3. Create A Buzz

Create a buzz at your Yoga or Pilates studio about your new online booking system. This includes talking about it in classes, emailing your clients and posting about it on social media.

You might also like to invite a few of your most trusted clients to enjoy early access to the system.

Creating a real buzz about the launch will help get your clients on-board with the upcoming change!

Tip 4. Export Your Studio Data

Remember to export any client data from the old Yoga or Pilates studio software before that subscription ends. Always make sure you obtain client data in an Excel or CSV file which can be easily imported into your new booking system:

  • Full name
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Date of birth
  • Notes
  • Credits remaining / carry over credits
  • Outstanding payments

Tip 5. Import Your Studio Data

Your new booking system should have a facility for importing client data. If it doesn’t you should contact their customer support for assistance.

It is common for different booking systems to have different import templates. This means you might need to spend some time getting your data into the correct format / template before it can be imported into your new studio software. Allow for this.

Tip 6. Carry Over Credits

Important! Make sure you know which clients have carry over credits and how many so that when you move over, you know how many credits to assign into the new system.

Other carry over booking information which will be important to know includes:

  • Active pass valid from and valid to dates
  • If any clients have frozen passes
  • Clients who have outstanding payments

NB Your new studio software should have a facility for adding pre-dated passes. If not, ask their support team for help.

Tip 7. Monitor Feedback

Finally, after the launch party is over and it’s back to business as usual, don’t neglect to ask your clients for their feedback about their experience of using the new booking software.

Do they find it user-friendly? If there are there any difficulties that could be impacting your clients ability to make bookings, then you will want to know about them sooner rather than later!


There you have it. Our top 7 tips for switching Yoga or Pilates studio software. If you can think of any others, please add them in the feedback section below.

Benjamin has been writing for Bookamat since 2016. He is a passionate about helping fitness studio owners grow their businesses.
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