Recurring Bookings = Increased Revenue

Bookamat Online Booking System With Recurring Bookings

Recurring revenue is the key to building a successful fitness studio. That’s why one of our popular software features is the ability to set recurring bookings and class passes for students.

It means your students always have an active pass which means more monthly revenue.

Benefits of recurring bookings:

Lack of time is the reason many studio owners struggle to grow their business. Our research shows that many spend more than 30 minutes a day on admin. Some up to 2 hours a day.

With this in mind, to help studio owners regain their valuable time, Bookamat can automatically assign students with a new pass whenever their old one ends.

That means a big time saving for you, your studio and your students!

Here are three big reasons why your Yoga or Pilates studio needs recurring bookings.

  1. Saves you time (no need to re-book clients)
  2. Keep clients coming back (they always have a class pass)
  3. Increase revenue (recurring bookings mean recurring income)

Easy to set up:

Like all the features in Bookamat, setting up recurring bookings couldn’t be easier. From the Service Manager, simply create a new pass pricing and flick the recurring switch to “Yes”. Bookamat will handle the rest!

How it works

Easy. Students can buy (or be assigned) class passes like they would normally.

The difference is that Bookamat will now automatically assign students with a brand new pass if their current one expires or runs out of credits. They’ll also receive a friendly notification about it.

Added bonuses

Besides all this, students can even set their Bookamat accounts to be auto debited. This means payment will come off their credit or debit card automatically.

And for the cherry on top, Bookamat will also let you to set the minimum number of recurring payments students must make before they can cancel.

The final word

Although generating a recurring revenue will help you build a successful fitness studio, it can be a time consuming exercise.

For this reason, the easiest way to manage recurring revenue is by using an online booking system that supports recurring bookings.

Be sure to consider Bookamat for all your recurring booking needs! Register for an unlimited free trial today.

Benjamin has been writing for Bookamat since 2016. He is a passionate about helping fitness studio owners grow their businesses.
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