Online Booking Software With Intelligent Pricing

Online booking software with intelligent pricing

Bookamat online booking software introduces intelligent PAYG subscription pricing.

Fitness studios (yoga, barre, Pilates, spin etc) rely on recurring bookings and memberships which often have seasonal rise and falls.

Because there are also large fixed costs to pay each month like rent, booking software and instructors, this means profits can vary.

At Bookamat we understand this dynamic and have designed our monthly subscription around helping studios grow.

Pay as you grow

Introducing our unique PAYG (Pay As You Grow) subscription pricing that cleverly adapts to your studio to help it grow.

PAYG is linked to the number of active clients (or students) who have bookings at your studio each month. If you have more active clients in a month you’ll pay more. If you have fewer active clients you’ll pay less.

We’ve also capped the maximum subscription fee you’ll pay per month so that Bookamat will always be competitively priced.

Why this matters

Online booking software which is priced on features, locations or instructors have little bearing on your income. We know, we’ve been down that road before!

Our unique PAYG pricing is the true measure of your studio’s growth and the fair way to pay!

It also means we’re 100% invested in helping your studio grow by increasing your active clients!

Simple pricing, simple plan

Paying for software which offers multiple plans is a real pain. We’ve tried it!

It might be OK for a while, but when it’s time to change plans it means going through a whole process and potentially losing valuable data in the case of downgrading.

That’s why when you join Bookamat, you get all the features we have! You also get new features which we add on a regular basis. It’s one plan to rule them all and less hassle for everyone.

Don’t spend more than 10%

In our booking software buyers guide, we recommend not spending more than 10% of your studio’s revenue on booking software.

It’s a simple budgeting rule which can help you choose the right studio software.

Want to see how much Bookamat will cost you per month? Visit the cost calculator on our pricing page to discover you can save.

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