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At Bookamat, we believe that good team management makes for thriving yoga, Pilates and fitness studios. That’s why our fitness studio management software has incorporated powerful tools to help streamline the process. So whether you are thinking about taking on your first new hire, or managing a large team of instructors, Bookamat has your back.

Why team matters?

The benefits of building a team to help grow your studio are far reaching. Here are 7 reasons why we believe having a team matters.

1. Builds your client base

Team members help to bring in more new clients, building your client base faster than if it was just you.

2. Increases your brand exposure

With a team bringing in more clients, your studio brand will be exposed to a wider community of people.

3. Generates creativity

When there are more people working together, it means more ideas are being shared. With a team around you, you’ll be more creative with your classes and sessions.

4. Good team management saves time

As the saying goes, many hands make light work. Having a team who can assist with cleaning, marketing, general queries, sales and other business activities will help save you time.

5. Broadens experience base

You might be an excellent mat Pilates instructor but never had the training in reformer Pilates. Adding new team members can help bring new experience which translates to new class types and clientele.

6. Creates consistency

Having a team around you means you can continue to run classes if you are sick or can’t teach. Consistency is an important factor when aiming to keep your clients motivated.

7. Provides employment

Providing employment is one of the highlights a business owner can achieve. Not only are you growing your own business, but you are also helping your community to grow too.

Bookamat team management solution

Bookamat fitness studio software includes everything you need to grow and manage a thriving Pilates, yoga or fitness studio team. Even if you are not ready to start building a team, you can rest assured knowing that we’ve got you covered when the time comes!

Group fitness instructors in a gym
Team work makes the dream work!

1. No restrictions on number of instructors

Unlike other software out there, Bookamat allows you to add as many instructors as you need without it impacting your monthly subscription cost.

This means studio owners have the flexibility to grow their businesses without needing to change subscription plans. Can you imagine having to upgrade a subscription plan just to add a replacement teacher? Urgh how frustrating!

2. Multiple staff schedules

Because Bookamat doesn’t place restrictions on the number of instructors you can have, it means you can also have unlimited schedules.

Schedules can be viewed all together, or you can view each instructors schedule separately.

3. Multiple locations (virtual or physical)

Do you host different classes or events in different locations? With Bookamat you can enjoy unlimited locations (virtual or physical) and assign instructors to each.

There are no limits on the number of locations you can add so you can have more classes running concurrently.

4. Instructor logins & app

Team management with Bookamat wouldn’t be the same without our fantastic instructor accounts.

If you run a team, inviting your instructors or teachers to sign in to their own instructor account is a great way to save you time, and protect your primary account data.

If you want your instructors to be able to record client payments from their own account (e.g. to help save you time) you can do that too.

Bookamat empowers your instructors to grow their own classes, and increase attendance rates by providing tools which empower them to:

  • Book clients into their classes
  • Email their class participants
  • Record attendance
  • Communicate with their class participants via email
  • Share links to their classes to increase bookings
  • Record client payments
  • See and record participant notes and more

5. Independent instructor rates

Want to create different pricing or passes for different staff members? You can do it in Bookamat. For example, senior teachers might charge a premium for their classes, while junior teachers charge less. This can all be set up easily in Bookamat making team management for teachers on different rates a breeze.

6. Instructor commission report

Effective team management means being able to pay your team members on time and with the right amount earned. Calculating your instructors earnings can be a time consuming task without the right tools. Thankfully Bookamat includes instructor commission reports right out of the box. These let you:

  • Set commission rates for each staff member based on % or fixed rates per class type
  • Generate commission earning reports for each or all staff members
  • See commission earned per class type taught

7. Instructor payroll report

Another important aspect of managing your team is checking their revenue earned per class taught and attendance rates. Tracking these metrics can help you identify strong or weak points, and even incentivise team members to achieve better results. Our payroll report lets you see:

  • Revenue each staff member generated for your business
  • Class attendance rates for each staff member across each class they taught
  • Total revenue all staff members generated for your business

8. Instructor notifications

You can turn staff member notifications on or off from the staff page. If enabled, staff members will receive notifications about bookings at their classes so they never miss a beat – even if they don’t have an instructor account!

  • Each staff member can receive notifications about their classes
  • When a client joins, cancels or reschedules

9. Replacement instructors

When a team member goes on leave or is unable to teach their class, you need a quick way to swap them for a replacement instructor. Using Bookamat you can quickly swap in a new replacement instructor for one class or many classes in a series.

You can also set the replacement teachers commission rates for quick calculation of earnings. Plus, because there are no limits on how many instructors you can have, you can build your replacement teacher list in Bookamat without being charged more.

10. Instructor holidays

Lastly, if an instructor is going away or will be unable to teach for an extended period without a replacement, you need to prevent their classes from being booked.

Using Bookamat, you can easily block off classes normally taught by specific instructors, or your entire studio, using a business closure. This prevents bookings from being made in those classes without you having remove the class series. A convenient feature for mid-year and end of year holidays!

In Summary

A successful team can help you save time, strengthen your brand and build your client base. Bookamat includes all the tools you need to build and manage a team of instructors, trainers or teachers.

If you are thinking of building a team, check out our post on top tips for hiring new team members.

Looking for a fresh and simple way to manage your yoga, Pilates or fitness studio? Start your free trial today and discover why leading independent yoga, Pilates and fitness studios everywhere are switching to Bookamat!

Benjamin has been writing for Bookamat since 2016. He is a passionate about helping fitness studio owners grow their businesses.

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