Run Group Classes At Multiple Locations

Run group classes at multiple locations

Are you a mobile fitness teacher or trainer? Do you run (or want to run) group classes in multiple locations? Are you struggling to find online booking software that will work?

Here’s some good news for you, Bookamat lets you run group classes at more than one location from one account. Plus we won’t charge you more for the benefit!

That’s right! Run aqua classes at the local pool, evening Pilates classes from your studio and host sunrise Yoga in the park.

Not only does this save you money, but it also helps to grow your business in new and exciting ways.

Real studio examples

Here are a few studios which are using Bookamat to manage group classes and events at more than one location.

  1. Sydasana Yoga Studio in Sydney host corporate wellness classes at various locations around the CBD using Bookamat.
  2. Woodstock Pilates studio in Cape Town uses Bookamat to host mat classes at their main studio and aqua classes in town.
  3. Coco Pilates studio in Johannesburg use Bookamat to host reformer classes at their studio and host exclusive offsite events.

Real studio benefits

Having the option of adding multiple locations means you can increase bookings through hosting events and classes at other locations.

In addition, Bookamat also allows student passes to be linked to one, some or all your locations. How great is that?!

So not only can you create any number or type of locations (rooms or buildings etc) but you can also run them all through your one account. Plus each location is geo-tagged to help provide easy directions for students.

Give it a try

It only takes a minute to register your studio on Bookamat and get started on our unlimited free trial.

Our clients have told us that Bookamat is faster to set up and easier to use than our competitors.

Plus you get all our features, including mobile apps and QR Brochure for an affordable month fee.

If you have any queries we are here to help.

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