What are the barriers to growing a Yoga or Pilates studio?

Barriers to growing your Yoga or Pilates studio

In September 2015 we conducted a survey of Pilates studio owners around South Africa. One of the questions we asked was: “what is the biggest barrier to growing your business?”.

The number 1 response to that question was, “lack of time”.

29% of the 48 respondents said that they spend more than 30 minutes a day on administration. Some up to 2 hours a day. While almost 1 in 5 said that the time spent on administration is “a constant burden”.

The Cost Of Time

Consider this. An average Pilates studio in South Africa can make R600 an hour. That means booking 6 clients into a class, each paying R100.

This means 30 minutes spent per day on administration (10 hours pm) can add up to R6,000 in lost revenue each month.

Time Consumers

What was the cause for all this time being lost?

Here follow a few of the respondent’s answers:

  • “The admin of keeping track of how many classes each client has attended each month.”
  • “The constant chopping and changing of classes. Checking on who has paid and who hasn’t.”
  • “Managing studio schedule and client schedules.”

Interestingly most of the respondents also said they try to keep track of their client bookings using a mixture of their mobile phone, email, WhatsApp and pen and paper.

46% also said they accept cash-in-hand regularly and 92% said they don’t take online payments at all.

A Simple Solution

It was clear that an online booking system could help save studio owners time and help grow their businesses.

Because software options are limited in South Africa, we decided to build something that was effective and affordable. Thus Bookamat was launched in 2016.

In three short years we have grown on on the back of phenomenal success and are now available internationally.

If you looking for an simple, effective and affordable studio software, we invite you to experience the Bookamat difference today!

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