Meet Kirsten (Point Pilates – Corporate Wellness, South Africa)

Kirsten, Point Pilates Corporate Wellness

Kirsten is a Pilates instructor and classically trained dance teacher. She started Point Pilates for corporate wellness in 2013 when she noticed that fitness was becoming a luxury in Cape Town. ⁣⁣

“Fitness and health shouldn’t be a luxury but a necessity.” She says. “Working people in Cape Town should be able to attend regular Pilates and fitness classes during working hours at an affordable price with the best experience and teaching.”⁣⁣

Kirsten (Point Pilates)

Since starting Point Pilates, Kirsten has delivered corporate fitness classes to companies including Allan GrayMukuruInvestec and Runway Sale. She has also grown her team to three instructors and continues to receive glowing feedback from her clients and their employers.⁣⁣

“Staff wellness is a big thing for us as a company. We want our staff to be productive, but healthy and happy too. The best way for them to give a hundred percent, is if they feel a hundred percent. Point Pilates has helped our team de-stress, keep fit and feel revitalised. ”⁣⁣

Human Resources – Mukuru

Finding the best online booking system

⁣⁣The Foschini Group (TFG) are Point Pilates’ most recent client. With over 3,000 employees, Kirsten and her team knew they needed a booking platform to be able to manage. ⁣⁣

After trying several other international and local competitors, TFG management and Point Pilates decided that “Bookamat works best for us.” ⁣⁣
Point Pilates have now been running classes successfully on Bookamat at TFG for almost two years.

The best part of Kirsten’s job?

Kirsten says the best part of her job is watching how corporate clients encourage one another and improve with each class.

“It’s a great reward watching people leave class with a smile and notably looking less stressed and amazed at what their bodies are capable of.”⁣⁣

Kirsten (Point Pilates)

The best part of our job is helping people like Kirsten to live their dreams, free of client administration. ⁣⁣
Are looking for a fabulous way to invigorate your employees or increase morale and general staff wellness? Contact Point Pilates to start your corporate wellness journey today! ⁣⁣

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