Bounce back after lockdown with fun Rebounding classes!

Tramps SA Dynamic Rebounding Classes

Looking for a fun way to get back into exercising after lockdown? We’ve got your answer! Kick your workout up a notch with rebounding. It’s a fun way to get a great workout in without feeling like you’re doing an intense exercise class. Plus anyone can do it!

We spoke with one of our Bookamat clients from TrampsSA to give you an insight into the awesome world of rebounding. Any exercise where you get to burn calories, tone up and actually have fun while doing it? We’re all for it!

Tramps SA

Romi: We’re so excited to have you on our studio spotlight for the month! Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got into fitness.

Tramps SA: Tramps SA is owned by three of us, namely Samantha, Michelle and Kristy. The three of us have been friends for a number of years. Michelle and Sam are long time school friends. They were absolute competitors in every school sport conceivable, but best friends off the field.

Kristy and Sam were production dancers on the cruise liners together. And through their love of dance and fitness became the best of friends. Through Sam as the mutual friend the three of us got on immediately and later on became business partners.

Romi: How did you first get into rebound exercises? And when did you open your own studio?

Tramps SA: We actually started Tramps SA because of our partner Kristy. She moved to the UK a few years ago and joined a franchise on that side for live rebounding classes. We decided to buy a couple of rebounders ourselves and give it a try here in Johannesburg. After Sam and Michelle saw how massive the rebounding trend was in the UK.

In the first week of December in 2019, we setup our first outdoor rebounding class with a whole two clients. From then, we never looked back.

Through our Facebook pages, messages and bookings starting coming in, and we realised our test had been proven. Rebounding will be a massive trend in South Africa too and we are prepared to lead that.

Romi: Your studio and exercises are quite unique and we love it! Could you tell us more about your rebounding mini trampoline exercises?

Tramps SA: The classes and exercises are more like choreographed dances, made to specific songs with specific counts. This kind of exercise design means that our clients get lost in the music or in the “choreography”. The next thing they know, they have exercised for a full hour, burning the same amount of calories as a 10km run!

Themed classes, for instance a retro class where everyone gets dressed up in leggings and ankle warmers with side ponies is a great way of having fun while training. Epic anthems from the 60’s, 70’ and 80’s, fills the class.

Apart from the standard rebounding classes, we also a different class called “Equilibrium”. This is a mixture of rebounding and Pilates. A lot slower, more strength focused and a real core worker. As you can imagine balancing on the rebounder means you work extra hard.

Tramps BOOM, a mixture of rebounding and Pound is another class we offer. In this class we play drums on the rebounders to afro beats and it’s a REAL calorie burner. Funnily enough we implemented this class during lockdown. So we have all been playing with wooden spoons at home, which is just another example of us being adaptable.

Tramps SA

Romi: Comparing rebound exercises to floor exercises, what would be the benefits in using a mini trampoline?

Tramps SA: It’s really the only form of exercise that can drain the lymphatic system properly. 

  • A good internal transport of lymph fluid is important
  • The lymphatic system does not have its own pump. So bouncing on a mini trampoline sets the lymphatic system in motion.
  • Rebounding is more effective than walking in this instance. 
  • Effects of rebounding workout (mini trampoline fitness) on your lymphatic system, flushes toxins, bacteria and other waste from your body.
  • You feel energized and refreshed after a workout on a rebounder. 
  • Rebounding is gaining popularity. It is easy on the joints but allows you to work your cardiovascular system without taxing the body. 
  • 45 min to an hour on a rebounder is the equivalent of a 10km run. Without added stress to your body and joints. Running is great but unless you are a professional athlete your body won’t easily manage 10km everyday. However you can rebound everyday with ease, your joints won’t suffer.
  • Studies have shown that rebounding is 50% more effective at burning fat than running.
  • Our clients often forget how much time has gone by during a session. As we have music playing and specific routines aligning with the music to make it fun and enjoyable. Normal training does not have this appeal.
  • It’s also a team effort, we all push one another to keep going. 
  • A great way to get fit! We have seen all types of fitness levels and it’s suitable for everyone. 
  • Combatting some of the effects of aging, including loss of balance and coordination, bone deterioration and osteoarthritis.
  • Stimulates the metabolism for up to 24 hours, which encourages effective long-term weight control.
  • These exercises work over 650 muscles in the body
  • Decent rebounders can support up to 200kg of weight, for example the Rolls Royce of rebounders the bellicon.
  • Perfect for new mothers who need to strengthen their pelvic floor
  • Giving your immune system the boost it needs. Honestly if I am stressed out, I go and jump on my mini trampoline. 20 minutes later I feel so much better!
rebounding exercising
Tramps SA

Romi: Do you have people from all ages joining your classes?

Tramps SA: Rebounding is loads of fun, we offer a variety of classes! From 30 minute burners in the AM to full hour classes focusing on cardiovascular fitness, as well as strength and conditioning. We also have a boom class in which we use sticks (drum sticks or wooden spoons) in our routine. And an equilibrium class which is basically the Pilates of rebounding. 

Yes, all age groups can attend our classes. We have had children as young as 6 years old jump on our trampolines. Anyone up to 65 years old and possibly older have attended our classes. 
It’s even suitable for pregnant women as long as they have been consistently training throughout their pregnancy. 

When you rebound you often forget that you are having a full body workout and that’s the best part. You are burning calories and loads of them, toning up and having so much fun doing it. It’s not a dreaded workout, all of us look forward to it.

Romi: How are you managing during lockdown in teaching your classes? Could you make use of virtual platforms to keep teaching for those who have mini trampolines. Did you have to change up your exercises during these times?

Tramps SA: We are managing really well with classes during lockdown. The lockdown forced us to adapt to the concept of online training really fast. We anticipated it was headed in that direction and planned for it. 

All classes are live via an online platform. It was a blessing in disguise for this particular business venture of ours. Being able to gain back clients who could not come to the in-person classes. Time constraints with kids or rushing home from work then having to change, made it a struggle for some. Virtual classes allow for anyone to hop off, attend to kids or food, then jump right back into it. They can now train from the comfort of their own homes.

Having classes done virtually also allows for people from all over the globe to participate in our classes. All they need is a mini trampoline, which they can either purchase themselves or through us. Classes were limited to those who could attend in the area we hosted prior to lockdown. Whereas now the amount of people who can attend is unlimited. 

The exercises and classes have remained the same, as it is interpreted perfectly fine virtually. 

It’s convenient for everyone. We miss the interaction with our clients, but during these times we have had to adapt. Going forward, we’ll keep the virtual classes in place, together with our in-person classes (when gyms are allowed to reopen). Our platform also offers that social engagement that we all most definitely need during these strange times. The classes are live so we are all able to interact with one another. It’s honestly been such a life saver for many of us as part of the Tramps SA team.

Romi: If you did use platforms to teach virtual classes, which ones did you use? And how was your experience with it?

Tramps SA: We are fully in the virtual classes at the moment.

We have tried a number of platforms, but the one that suits us very well is Google Meets
It’s user friendly for both the management team and our clients. It doesn’t have as much of a noise cancelling component which means our music and instructors are clear. There is also no time limit on the free app. And of course, it’s a Google suite app so the safety component is there too.

Tramps SA

Romi: What is the next step for your studio? A dream you have for the future or even a few years from now?

Tramps SA: We have a few dreams for Tramps SA.

The ultimate end goal is to take our company worldwide. But as they say, “ all good things take time  
For now we are working on expanding the business around South Africa through franchising. The instructors will be trained by us to keep the consistency and quality.

The goal is to have at least 150 franchises by the end of 2022. We want to be the household name of Rebounding in Africa.

Romi: What will take from this year and all of its hurdles as a studio owner?

Tramps SA: We have taken many things from this year, we’re sure that everyone has. 

But the most important thing we should all remember is that anything can happen. So it’s very important to have a plan B and to implement diversity of channels for your business. Be able to reach your clients on many different platforms. So that if / when one goes under, you don’t have a “no fix” situation on your hands.

We also need to remind ourselves that we can overcome most things with a lot of hard work and preparation.

Anything can happen. So it’s very important to have a plan B and to implement diversity of channels for your business.

Tramps SA

So what are you waiting for, get yourself a mini trampoline and start to kick your workout up a notch with rebounding.

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Romi has been writing for Bookamat since 2020. She loves adventuring, practicing yoga and writing about the latest fitness trends.

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