Health Warriors, Uplifting South Africans Through Wellness

Health Warriors

With 49% of the population living below the poverty line, South Africa is the most economically unequal country in the world. To make matters worse, an estimated three million South Africans have now lost their jobs due to COVID-19.

Enter father and son team Geoff and Chris Barkley, founders of Health Warriors. Together they are on a mission to provide wellbeing services and sustainable employment to communities faced with poverty across South Africa.

Underpinning their mission is the belief that investments in your own health creates economic opportunity and wellness within the larger community. We couldn’t agree more!

Sustainable employment

Health Warriors trains up talented young leaders in communities to offer wellness services to corporate and private clients.

They focus on facilitating yoga, mindfulness and health coaching, which are proven preventive approaches to improve health, vitality and general wellness.

The income made from commercial revenue enables students to provide wellbeing services to schools and communities dealing with high levels of poverty, violence, and trauma.

They offer the following services and can customize programs to meet specific needs.

Yoga and mindfulness
  • Private and group yoga and mindfulness classes in-person or online
  • 8-week Health Warriors private or group mindfulness course
  • Custom yoga and mindfulness programs for improved wellbeing
Health coaching

With the ongoing challenges to health and wellness in the modern world, health coaching offers clients an opportunity for support, encouragement and structure through a variety of options:

  • Online, private health coaching
  • Participate in a 10 week health coaching course
  • Follow up and refresher sessions as needed
Wellbeing experiences

Wellbeing experiences provide custom classes, workshops, and events that incorporate the richness of being South African. Through healing traditions, adding song, dance and ritual to create powerful experiences. This is ideal for conferences, corporate retreats, or travel groups.

“When you see their drive, initiative, beauty, and creativity, you realize the only thing they are missing is opportunity, which is exactly what Health Warriors is providing for so many”.

Chris – Health Warriors
Health Warriors

The Health Warriors Impact

How have Health Warriors impacted communities?

  • 175 Teenagers completed their after-school mental wellbeing program: MindPower.
  • There was an increase of 250% in students who reported feelings of calm after completing the program
  • Average number of 85 people attending their regular community yoga classes
  • 25 Young South Africans completed RYS 200-hr Yoga Teaching Course in February 2020
  • And 11 New instructors now earning income from teaching yoga

How can you help?

You can help make a change in these students lives and positively impact their communities by making a donation on their website here.

‘It doesn’t matter where you are and what you have. A little always goes a long way, start where you are with what you have. The rest will develop as you keep going’.

We are proud that Health Warriors chose Bookamat to facilitate their online bookings. You can join an online class at or browse their class schedule here.

Meet the inspiring people behind Health Warriors

Left: Geoff Barkley | Right: Chris Barkley
Geoff Barkley:

Meet Geoff, Program Director, PhD, MSW, Yoga Teacher, Mindfulness Facilitator, Health Coach Trainer,
and Co-Founder of Health Warriors. With a Doctorate from the University of Virginia, Geoff is a Counselor, and has studied & practiced yoga & meditation for over 30 years!

Chris Barkley:

His son, Chris is the CEO, MBA, 200 Hr RYS Yoga Instructor, Mindfulness Facilitator and Co-Founder of Health Warriors. With a Masters in Global Finance from York University in Toronto, Canada, Chris has 15 years’ experience in the Non-Profit Sector. He served as Director of Business Development for Grassroot Soccer.

It’s time to meet the rest of the inspiring team at Health Warriors:

Left: Nandipha Ntongana | Middle: Nosiphiwo Moshilibane | Right: Zizipho Mfeketo
Left: Amanda Guma | Middle: Mthetheleli Dlakavu | Right: Lolwethu Sdumo
Left: Litha Makanda | Middle: Yolanda Ntanyana | Right: Lusindiso Dibela
Tshawekazi Ndzulwana

As South Africa struggles with increased COVID infections and death, we’ve used this tragic time for intensive training to bring more wellness services online. Unfortunately, Health Warriors’ community programs are still shut, but we’re doing our best to present quality online classes.

Geoff, Health Warriors

Be sure to follow them on their platforms to see more of the incredible work they do:




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