A Unique Studio Where Yoga And Mermaiding Collide

Merschool Mermaiding

Earth Yoga studio owner Izelle Nair and her husband Malcolm Nair, opened a unique studio where yoga and mermaiding collide.

Yoga and Mermaiding is a great way to take care of our spines, and awaken your youthful spirit. Students can switch between Acro Yoga, Vinyasa flow, Haga, Budokon, Sky, Yin, and pregnancy yoga to Mermaiding!

We find it so intriguing, so we’ve decided to ask Izelle (Izzy) more about their incredible Yoga studio and Mermaiding classes.

Earth Yoga Studio

Romi: Can you share with us a bit of your background, where you’re from and how you personally got into yoga?

Izzy: I was born in Namibia and grew up in the African Bushveld. I loved feeling connected to the Earth and all the animals. As a child I used to sit in stillness and just take in the world. Nobody taught me any techniques or tools. I just knew how to be. Fast forward many years, at 25 years old I was stressed out, overworked and disconnected.

Many miles away from the African Bushveld, I walked into a gym in London and took my first Vinyasa class. After that I was hooked. I saw a glimpse again of what I experienced as a child. I felt connected to Source. It felt like home. Over the years I continued my practice and one day I woke up, fed up with the corporate world and decided to just go for it and teach yoga full time.

I completed my first yoga teacher training in 2011 at Living Yoga. It was obviously the right decision as since then many more doors opened and opportunities presented themselves. I now teach Corporate Yoga, Private classes and at Earth Yoga Studio in Kyalami that I co-own with my husband, Malcolm Nair.

Romi: When did you open your studio Earth Yoga, and what did it feel like to open your own studio?

Izzy: 2012 – I’ve been thinking about it since I got my certificate and when my husband Malcolm found the space at The Suite Life Center I just knew it’s meant to be! 

Earth Yoga Studio

Romi: What are the main types of yoga that you focus on at the moment?

Izzy: We teach Vinyasa, Hatha, Soma Yoga (somatic movement therapy), Sky Yoga and Budokon Yoga – we believe in a well rounded practice moving the body in different ways is what keeps us healthy. 

Romi: I’m always so intrigued with Sky Yoga. What are the benefits of sky yoga compared to other yoga types, and is it limited to age and level of advancement?

Izzy: Sky yoga is so much fun!  With the use of the Hammock we can access postures we never dreamed of being possible.  It also develops our ‘pulling muscles’, a good balance to our floor practice where we are always pushing. 

Romi:  How did your studio cope through the strict lockdowns of 2020? And what adjustments did you make that you will continue using in the future for your studio?

Izzy: We had to change to online classes immediately, and thanks to bookamat this process was easy, making the whole ordeal less stressful.  We have a good member base and thanks to our long standing members that continued to support us, helped us make it this far.  We now stream our classes online and it’s available for download afterwards. 

Romi: Earth Yoga also offers Corporate Yoga classes, which is incredible to see companies focusing on the health and wellness of their employees! How do these classes work? Do you practice yoga in their building or would they come to your studio?

Izzy: We offer regular weekly classes at corporates in their buildings, as well as mindfulness courses and wellness days. We get different requests; every company is different.

Group Classes at Earth Yoga Studio

Romi: What is the biggest thing you will be taking from 2020 through all the uncertainties we faced, and are still facing to some extent?

Izzy: We had to really dig deep to listen to the wisdom within.  There were times when the noise from all the fear was a bit overwhelming, and we always reminded ourselves to take it one breath, one day at a time, and continue to do so as we are not out of the woods yet.

Romi: What is next for Earth Yoga? 

Izzy: In the past 8 years we always dreamed of expanding our studio and adding a second studio space to host our yoga teacher training and short yoga courses.  We also dream of a dedicated rooftop meditation space.  

Yoga and Mermaiding

Make your booking now and experience the incredible benefits of Yoga and Mermaiding is a great combination and compliment each other.  Learn a new skill, and take care of your body and mind in a fun and magical way.  Tap into your imagination and awaken your Siren Spirit.

Read more about this fun workshop on their here.

Breath workshop with Caitlin

Breath – our most powerful ally. In this workshop they will cover one of the great limbs of yoga, Pranayama. They will discuss the different Pranayama techniques and their benefits.

So don’t miss out this coming weekend on the Breath workshop with Caitlin. Make your booking here.

Sky Yoga Teacher Training

Sky Yoga is an Aerial style of Yoga that incorporates a silk hammock. With the help of this prop, more advanced postures become more accessible and the easier postures become more challenging. This allows us the opportunity to look at our practice, bodies and mind from a new perspective.

This 30 hour short course is YACEP registered (Internationally Accredited with the Yoga Alliance) and can count as continuous education if you are registered with the Yoga Alliance.  Once qualified your certification will allow you to teach at gyms, yoga studios or teach from home.

Broaden your experience with this short course in May! Read more about this short course here.

Be sure to follow them along on their social media platforms to stay in the loop with their upcoming events and courses.

Facebook: Earth Yoga Studio

Twitter: @EarthYogaStudio

Instagram: earthyogastudio

Youtube: Izzy The Yogi Mermaid

Check out our special blog post where we asked Izzy more in depth about their Merschool, the first Mermaid Swim School in South Africa!
Romi has been writing for Bookamat since 2020. She loves adventuring, practicing yoga and writing about the latest fitness trends.
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