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Colac Indoor Sports Center is the largest centre in Australia for its town population. Offering a diverse range of activities from Reformer Pilates to Tennis and Indoor Cricket, this once aging tennis centre was transformed, by a husband-and-wife couple, into a thriving community hub for fitness enthusiasts and families alike.

Join us as owner Adele shares their inspiring journey including the challenges they faced and the role Bookamat has played in their success.

Romi: How did you come to be running the largest indoor sporting centre in Colac?

Adele: My husband and I purchased the Indoor Sports Centre 13 years ago. It was a real leap of faith at the time and involved us relocating from Melbourne to the country town of Colac.

When we took over, the centre was being run as an indoor tennis centre and was looking tired. We revamped the facility to offer new sports in addition to tennis with indoor cricket, rebound netball, beach volleyball and soccer. We also introduced kids’ parties with inflatables and laser tag games.

Then about seven years ago, we built the Pilates Studio, due to its popularity as an exercise, where we offer Reformer Pilates classes.

It has been a big learning curve, with many long hours spent building the business. However, we enjoy the challenge and the sporting community here at the centre.

Romi: What was your personal journey into fitness like? And what sports do you enjoy most at this stage?

Adele: I enjoy being active and played tennis and netball as a junior. Funnily enough, buying a tennis centre certainly helped improve my tennis game! We introduced beach volleyball to the community because it is easy to learn, and fun to play.

My other love is yoga. Practicing yoga led me to Pilates and eventually Reformer Pilates and ultimately opening Colac’s first Reformer Pilates studio.

Pilates is such a wonderful activity which allows people of all levels of fitness to be challenged, build strength, and overall feel better in their bodies.

Romi: Colac Indoor Sports Centre offers such a big variety of sports. Such as Reformer Pilates, Rebound netball, Soccer, Cricket, Beach volleyball, Pickleball, Table tennis. It really is everything in one place. How big is the centre and what sets it apart from outdoor sport centres?

Adele: The indoor sports centre’s original building is 4000sqm and accommodates four tennis courts where we also run rebound netball, soccer, cricket, beach volleyball, pickleball and table tennis. It is the largest centre in Australia for town population.

Being located in southwest Victoria, we get cold winters (~10c) and large rainfall (~8.7cm / month), so having an indoor sports centre is very practical for our sporting community.

Romi: You have a salt therapy room as well as an infrared sauna room. What are the benefits of these for active people?

Adele: Yes! We have recently introduced two new spaces for well-being. Our Infrared Sanctuary Yoga Sauna is a large sauna with space to stretch out, ease muscle pain and detox. And our Salt Therapy Retreat Room is a place where you can simply relax and enjoy the salty microclimate benefits of Halo Therapy. 

The salt penetrates deep into the air passages, the lungs and the skin. As it does so, it provides relief from congestion, inflammation and irritations of the skin.

Romi: How has your experience been with Bookamat?

Adele: I converted to Bookamat at the start of this year after having used ClassFit. The transition to Bookamat was so easy. I wished I had made the change a long time ago and not be daunted by the thought of change.

With the simple steps of importing existing clients and communicating by email at a touch of a button, the transition has been seamless, and my clients love the features. Easy booking access to classes, And I love your online help library and support whenever I get stuck!

Romi: What are some of your favourite must-see and must-do activities in Victoria, Australia for locals and visitors?

Adele: I feel spoiled for choice here in Australia, after overseas adventures. I really appreciate our great beaches, red centre and forests. Here in Colac, Victoria I love to explore the many waterfalls within the nearby Otway National Park and the Great Ocean Road coastline.

Romi: If you could give one piece of advice for anyone starting their own business, what would it be?

Adele: Do all your pre-planning and due diligence. But then take a leap of faith and trust all will work out. The hard work will be worth it.

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Romi has been writing for Bookamat since 2020. She loves adventuring, practicing yoga and writing about the latest fitness trends.
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