Meet William, owner of High Intensity Pilates Studio

High Intensity Pilates Studio, Cape Town, South Africa

A Pilates Master Trainer and Instructor Trainer, William is the man behind High Intensity Pilates studio.

Based at the award winning Cape Town Medi Spa in Cape Town, they offer group reformer classes and individual training.

William’s History

Before opening High Intensity Pilates in 2005, William studied BA Music (Double Bass) and performed with various symphony orchestras.

William completed a three year diploma in Dance at the University of Technology Tswane. He then worked as a professional dancer and performed with various dance companies and in numerous television productions.

Switching To Bookamat

By the time he joined Bookamat in July 2017, William had acquired over 12 years’ experience running a Pilates studio. He had been using a competitor’s online booking platform but found it to be “way too complicated.”

Aside from being simple to use, William also wanted a booking system that would help to:

  1. Reduce no shows by requiring clients who made bookings online to pay up front.
  2. Eliminate late payments by requiring clients to pay for recurring bookings before the 1st of each month.

Working Together

We worked exclusively with William to develop these features and more which are now available to all our customers.

William spends a fraction of the time he used to on rescheduling, chasing late payments and invoicing.

“As a studio owner, being able to prevent no shows of clients booking and chasing after money are the most important reason why we want an online booking /payment system. Bookamat ticks those boxes for us and is a breeze to use!”

William Hall

If you are in Cape Town and are looking to create a strong, lean and toned body, drop in to High Intensity Pilates and chat to William today!

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