Top tips for streaming your classes online

When deciding to take your studio online, it is important to ensure that your students are still getting the best from your class. Following these top tips below can make quite an impact on the quality of your online streaming class.

Online Streaming tips:

  • Have the right equipment.
    • You don’t need to have the best kit available, but ensuring you have a webcam, microphone (ideally) and good lighting are key to producing quality live streaming for your students. Amazon offers a variety of options with different price ranges to suit your needs.
    • Ensure your devices are all charged well in advance. You wouldn’t want to be cut off halfway through your class!
    • Do a test run with one or two trusted people to get their feedback on how well they can hear and see you. A practice run also helps you to feel more comfortable with your new format and the challenges that come with not having your clients in the studio with you.
  • Having the right online streaming platform
    • There are so many different online streaming options, it can be difficult to know which is best suited for your business. Our blogpost here lists some of the more popular platforms which other studios have found useful for online classes.
  • Curating your space
    • Your students don’t want to see a cluttered living room or bedroom. Try to have a simple, tidy space with good natural light. Now might be a good time to invest in a few pot plants or wall art!
  • Choosing the right instructor
    • If your students are new to online classes, it might help them to feel more comfortable if their first class is with the instructor they are used to seeing in-person. This is particularly true of clients who may have a few special needs, injury considerations etc.
    • Let the instructor give the class they’re specialized in to keep the quality of your live stream on par with what your clients would normally expect from your in-studio classes.
  • Market well in advance
    • Get feedback from your current students on what day and time work best for them. From that information you can set a date and time that you can announce well in advance on your various platforms.
    • Remind your clients to add the date and time to their calendars to not miss out on the live stream! Most peoples’ schedules are fairly upside down currently; sending out a reminder a few hours before is a good way to prevent online no-shows.
    • Save your live stream recording, either on your website, or on the highlights on your Instagram account. Your students will then be able to go back and repeat the class at any time. It is also a good way to for prospective new clients to give your classes a “trial run.”  If your online streaming is purely for paid students, you could send a link to the paid attendees where they can view the class at a later date.
  • Special considerations
    • Let your students know in advance if they need equipment for the online class. You may need to also give a few creative options for those who don’t have their own exercise equipment. For example, water bottles or tinned vegetables are good substitutes for light weights, a rolled up towel can be used instead of lying on a foam roller. The same goes for skipping ropes and benches!
    • When you don’t know the capabilities of everyone attending the online class, be sure to give options to make the specific exercise more or less challenging. It is also worth screening for any clients with specific health requirements (injuries, pregnant, etc) beforehand and ensuring that you give appropriate options for them in each exercise.
  •  Get feedback from your students
    • After the live streaming, ask your students for their feedback to learn which areas you can improve on. This can be done via feedback forms, email or by directly contacting a few participants from each class.
    • If you are new to live streaming, assume that you will have some areas which will need improvement. Getting constructive feedback is the best way to identify the areas you can work on and to ensure your classes keep students coming back for more!
  • Interaction with your students
    • Let your students forget about everything else for a few minutes and have fun with your class!
    • If your platform allows, ask your students about how they are feeling today, take a genuine interest in their well being.
    • Remember that students who are used to having a social dynamic to their classes may very well be missing that currently. Adding some fun and personal touches can give these students a sense of trust and care.

Starting an online aspect of your studio may not have been on your radar and this could all be feeling quite new and overwhelming. Start where you can, take one step at a time. This strange season has provided a unique opportunity for your studio to benefit from technology, not only during these times but also as possible future revenue options. We may not have anticipated it, but let’s make the most of it!

Romi has been writing for Bookamat since 2020. She loves adventuring, practicing yoga and writing about the latest fitness trends.
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