There’s more to Yoga than Exercise

Yoga is so much more than excercise
What Social Media portrays:

Ever look at your social media, envious of the flexible yoga positions usually portraying an incredibly scenic backdrop?

They seem calm, in control of their bodies, in control of the silence, blurring out the noise as they only focus on the movement of their limbs. There’s a reason it looks this way, because it’s proven to be exactly that.

There are millions of training videos with the emphasis on the words ‘Core Killer’, ‘Booty Burn’, ‘Fat Burning’ out there, which is becoming the norm for when we think about exercise. Thinking you need to be on the verge of passing out in order to ‘lose fat’.

Sounds familiar?

Here’s the difference:

There is so much more to Yoga than just exercise. So much more than torturing your body in order to see results.  It can serve as a type of meditation, lowering the secretion of your cortisol levels, therefore minimising the levels of stress and anxiety. Not everyone can sit in silence meditating for 30 to 60 min per day, so adding yoga to your exercise routine can add a form of meditation to your life. Yoga has the ability to strengthen your mind and strengthen your muscles, bringing together the intimacy and connection between your mind and body.

Yoga has the ability to put you in a sometimes uncomfortable, position. Forcing you to stay in a movement, forcing you to breathe in, breathe out, and ultimately pushing you through the discomfort.

In those moments, you’re teaching your body and mind to breathe through and push through tough moments, whether it be in training or in your everyday life. You learn to become stronger.

Baby steps:

If you’re feeling hesitant to start on your own, then join a friend. If you don’t have any friends who enjoy yoga, then look online! Find a class that looks inviting, browse th

The outcome:

This is merely touching base of the benefits of yoga! So if you’re ever hesitant to try it out, afraid of not being flexible enough, or patient enough, ask yourself one thing; In the permanent rush we’re living in, are you giving your mind enough time?

Try to incorporate just one class, one day a week, and see how you feel. See how your MIND feels. Then see how beautiful your body responds.

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