Specialized Performance & Recovery grows memberships despite lockdown

Specialized Performance and Recovery gym is Swan Hill’s only strength and conditioning centre for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. From strength training, ice baths, spa, infrared sauna, Pilates and yoga, this gym space has it all!

Since taking over the business in 2019, Brodie Bennett and his team have increased their membership despite facing some of the longest lockdowns in the world. Central to their success has been an incredible team of personal trainers who have helped create a thriving community.

Specialized Performance and Recovery has evolved into much more than a gym. It’s now a place where their members feel like they are part of a family who care for their physical and mental health.

We’ve asked Brodie a few questions about his inspiring journey so you can get to know them better.

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Romi: Can you tell us a little bit of your background and how you got into fitness?

Brodie: I’m an electrician by trade but have always had a love for fitness. Keeping in shape has been something that I’ve done forever and my passion for helping people was the main driver to purchase SPR (Specialized Performance & Recovery).

Romi: When did you open Specialized Performance and Recovery and what were some of the first hurdles you went through opening your own fitness space?

Brodie: I purchased SPR from a close friend in December 2019 who was having some personal difficulties. Little did I know that COVID-19 would soon arrive and I would have to shut the facility for 5 months! It was a very tough introduction to owning a new business but we had a goal in mind. Being in lockdown gave us the opportunity to fast track our vision.

Since taking over, we have quadrupled our membership base and added so many new and exciting service options. We’ve added a cardio room packed with cardio equipment. We have a recovery room with an ice bath, a spa and a sauna.

We’ve also added heaps more new strength based equipment and machines and our newest addition is our greatly anticipated Pilates Studio which we run using Bookamat: Pilates Studio Software.

Specialized Performance & Fitness Gym in Swan Hill

Romi: What workouts can people do at Specialized Performance?

Brodie: We run 18+ group fitness workouts each week including boot camps, strength, conditioning and everything in between.

We also run 10+ Reformer Pilates classes each week. This has been greatly anticipated as Pilates is taking off massively right across the world and our brand new Pilates studio does not disappoint!

“Days are long but it’s so rewarding seeing people change their lives completely with regular and consistent physical activity.”

BRODIE B (owner specialized fitness & RECOVERY)

Romi: How have you been coping through the constant lockdowns and uncertainties as a business owner? Were you able to still offer classes and keep your doors open with a limited amount of people allowed at a time?

During different lockdowns we offered different things. We had online classes, Outdoor bootcamps and outdoor classes. We are currently in a lockdown right now and have the doors closed but we have our online classes ready to go for all members and anyone amongst the community to keep them active.

Romi: Through lockdown, did you teach any classes online, from PT (personal training) to group classes?

Brodie: Yes we did. We have a wonderful crew of staff who helped out with filming a heap of online workouts which we would post in the mornings or afternoons during lockdown. This gave us the ability to stay engaged with our members. We also ran different types of challenges.

Specialized Performance & Recovery Gym Swanhill

Romi: What does a normal week of workouts look like for you?

Brodie: We are both at the gym most mornings at 5:30am, then back in the afternoons from about 5pm. Days are long but it’s so rewarding seeing people change their lives completely with regular and consistent physical activity. Not only physically, but mentally. The gym is a great place to keep yourself grounded.

Specialized Performance & Recovery are working with the Clontarf Foundation.

Romi: What are some mental and physical advice that you can give people going through these constant lockdowns, to help keep their mental wellbeing a priority?

Brodie: Continue to stay physically active as much as you can. Keep yourself in a routine and if you miss a couple of days, you’re only human. Don’t be too hard on yourself through these trying times, get back on the horse and find that motivation once again.

Clontarf Foundation

Brodie and his team have also linked up with the Clontarf Foundation to give these young men the right tools to make healthy choices around exercise and healthy eating.

Be sure to keep up to date with them on their Facebook page to see how you can sign up for the fun and change your lifestyle to a healthy, happy and sustainable one.

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Romi has been writing for Bookamat since 2020. She loves adventuring, practicing yoga and writing about the latest fitness trends.
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