Showcasing South African Activewear & Equipment Designers

Today we want to take this opportunity to showcase some amazing South African Activewear designers.

Many of these designers ship internationally and their products are of incredible quality and represent excellent value for money! Your purchases will help uplift and enable these designers to continue to bring health and wellness services to their communities. In turn, you can enjoy bringing some exotic African flair into your next yoga or Pilates class!

For those interested, Bookamat launched in 2016 in South Africa, where the cost of booking software was crippling studios. Since then we have grown and are now serving fitness studios around the world. However, we are still passionate about uplifting health and wellness businesses in Africa, and businesses everywhere in need of an easy-to-use and affordable online booking system.

Are you currently living in South Africa? Supporting local South African brands is especially crucial after the hard hit from Covid-19. We’ve decided to do a little research to find the best in showcasing local South African Activewear for you.

Making an impact is Spiritgirl

Behind Spiritgirl are two fun-loving, active South African girls with a sense of adventure and an eco-awareness for the world they love to play in. They focus on creating custom designed, eco friendly, locally and ethically made apparel for like-minded spirit sisters.

They only use recycled polyester in their products. Which is a more sustainable alternative to virgin polyester as it uses up to half as much energy to make and saves plastic from landfill.

Using recycled PET, a product made from recycled post-consumer plastic bottles, they are aiming to achieve what they can do to minimize the impact on the environment and to benefit humanity.

The drive and initiative behind this brand is truly inspiring. Some of their leggings also support the I Am Water Ocean Conservation by donating 10% of the proceeds to the cause. The I AM WATER mission is to help people fall in love with the ocean. They feel passionate about working with underserved / low income coastal communities where, despite living walking distance to the shoreline young people have never seen the world just beneath the waves.

Spiritgirl not only focuses on Yoga wear, they also have beautiful swimwear and surf / swimsuits as well! They are on the top our favorite brands in showcasing South African Activewear.

Spiritgirl South African activewear designer

HOKO Activewear

First off, I loved their description ‘Because leggings are pants’ which I feel is 100% accurate, and probably what most lived in during lockdown. Their main focus is leggings, which they separate into categories of regular fit, high waisted, curvy leggings, young adult and shorter leggings. This makes it a breeze to shop according to your preference and body type.

Their different patterns truly stand out from the rest with a pattern to suit every mood and colour. Put on a tank top or sports bra and you’re ready to take on any yoga class!

Not to mention the pricing – it’s extremely affordable at merely R350 for a pair of leggings!

Hoko South African activewear designer
HOKO Active Wear

OTG Active

OTG ACTIVE was founded in 1989 as a small women’s only activewear brand. 30 years on, they have evolved into a premium brand with a national footprint.

Striving to create stylish and functional activewear for women on the move, they are committed to building a community of healthy, active women.

Comfortable, stylish and designed to enhance your athletic performance whether you’re a Crossfitter, runner, a yogi or a mom-on-the-move.

Their beautiful pieces are designed and crafted in Cape Town, South Africa.

With a big range from tights, shorts, tops, long sleeve tops, swimwear, sports bras, and all the yoga and training equipment you could need!

OTG Active South African activewear designer


They aim to create great quality, everyday gym wear that can be used for any occasion. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the gym working up a sweat, exploring nature or taking it easy, their gear will keep you smiling.

They are still a new brand with their initial launch on the website, but by the looks of it, we love what we’re seeing with the simplistic style and design, that you can wear to any type of exercise class.

They have a big sale on most of their items currently, so be sure to have a look while the sale is still on!

Daychaser South African activewear designer

Soul Matters

If you’re looking for beautiful activewear as well as beauty, tech and lifestyle products, then you’re at the right place! Soul Matters has beautiful activewear sets, jackets, sport bras and swimwear. They’ve made it their mission to enhance your everyday lifestyle by sourcing quality products that hero function and style.

In the tech department you can get headphones, earphones, keyboards and ring lights. As far as beauty goes, you can buy lashes, beauty tools and beauty accessories. And lastly in their Lifestyle department you will be able to find beautiful watches, travel bags, blankets and accessories – which all doubles as great gifts!

They have a good variety of environmentally friendly yoga mats. The ground-breaking Soul Matters Yoga Mat features their incredible Super Grip material which is Planet Friendly and Body Kind. This high performance PU natural rubber yoga mat is the perfect choice when looking for an eco-friendly and durable yoga mat. The Soul Matters Ultimate Mat continues to embody simplicity and functionality but now offers an even higher level of performance. This is the Ultimate Yoga companion! Planet Friendly – biodegradable, non-toxic and PVC-free. Good for you, good for the planet.

Their cork yoga mat is perfect for all types of yoga and intense workout sessions, offering exceptional grip, stability and durability. It’s also a 100% natural tree rubber base which is perfect for the environment.

The Yoga blocks are also environmentally friendly, made of cork. This is the perfect little helper for you if you need a little extra help finding good alignment in those forward and side bends.

Soul Matters

Shakti Shanti Yoga Wear

We’re pleased to showcase this South African Activewear brand that focuses on Luxury Yoga & Athleisure wear. The ultimate in designer activewear using superior technology ensuring you are confident and comfortable. Trust us when we say that there’s a style and color for everyone on Shakti Shanti. She has definitely thought about every type of yogini out there!

The pricing is incredible if you look at the quality of her unique pieces. This is also one of the few places where we found Eye bags on a site in South Africa, it pairs perfectly with Savasana.

Shakti Shanti

Earth Warrior

Earth Warrior® is a proudly South African brand of eco-friendly, plastic-free yoga & lifestyle gear. Founded out of a love for wellness, the outdoors and respect for Mother Nature, in the hustle and bustle of Johannesburg.

Yoga is about building a healthy mind & healthy body, but have you considered what unhealthy things may be lurking in your mat? Earth Warrior® is all about ‘living healthy’ through conscious products and mindful choices. Our aim is to reduce the use of single-use plastic and to eliminate PVC from the planet one yoga mat at a time.

Harvested from the Cork Oak (Quercus Suber) when the tree is about 25 – 30 years old, is when the tree can be harvested. To ensure no trees are cut down, each cork tree is left unharmed and harvested completely by hand.

Cork bark grows back to a considerable thickness and can be harvested every 9 years to produce cork. This regeneration also helps to facilitate a greater rate of carbon dioxide absorption. Cork is responsible, recyclable & sustainable!

From water bottles, yoga bag, mat, block and straps, to coffee cups, straws, soap bars, toothbrushes and more!

Earth Warrior

Simply Shweshwe

Simply Shweshwe is a growing company based in Cape Town.

They specialize in manufacturing products for the Yoga community. Their trademark is sourcing local , natural materials, giving their products a #supportlocal feel. All enquiries no matter how big or small are important to them. Simply Shweshwe cater to individuals as well as studios.

Yoga mats, meditation cushions, bags, blocks, straps, and bolsters.

We loved reading about the material they use, dating back to the Arab and Phoenician traders, Indigo dyed cloth arrived in the Cape in the 1800’s.
The German traders gifted this cloth to the king, which soon became a favourite among the African women. This cloth became known as Shweshwe named after the reigning king at that time, King Moshoeshoe 1.

Today South Africa is the only producer of this fabric World wide. It is still used in many African ceremonies as well as gracing the European fashion catwalks.

Coated in a waxy layer with a pleasing smell that is synonymous with Shweshwe. This wax coating was used in Sea faring days to preserve the fabric as it sailed the seas to other countries. After washing the fabric the wax gives way to reveal a soft but sturdy cotton.

Your yoga mat bag has been made from pre washed Shweshwe and your purchase also affords an income to a struggling yet talented Malawian gentleman and his family. Ivan stitches each bag with dedication and precision.

Simply Shweshwe

Mocana – more than just a yoga mat

They created Mocana to manufacture a mat with amazing performance, that is also environmentally friendly and specifically, beautifully designed. With the creation of the Mocana Yoga Nimbus mat, they succeeded in bringing a remarkable mat to their loyal customers. Applying the same philosophy in their range of Mocana yoga accessories.

Mocana Yoga mats are PVC free and made using high-quality non-toxic materials, biodegradable in 1-5 years in normal landfill conditions. Compared to other PVC mats, which can take up to 100 years to decompose. The two Mocana mat layers are heat bonded. This way they avoid using toxic glues, and the alignment line is laser etched to avoid unnecessary ink usage. 

We’re in love with the care taken in creating each of these pieces, as well as the simplistic style and visible quality.


SA Yoga Hammock Supplies

Dedicated to supplying South African Yogi’s with top quality Yoga Silks & Hammocks.

Hammocks are a fun way to spice up your yoga practice, increase strength, flexibility, and enhance your yoga practice. You basically have a yoga teacher supporting you through your poses. The benefits of Aerial yoga are tremendous; regulating organs, blood pressure, inversions are easily available to everyone, so you can up-level.

Evnflo – Complimenting your practice

Evnflo was born from a love of yoga and a need for aesthetically designed furniture that can enhance your practice.

A cornerstone of their brand philosophy is to develop innovative products without reducing our natural resources, or negatively impacting on our environment. All of their products are produced locally, from environmentally friendly materials and fabric.

Inversions can be very daunting but with the assistance of the Inversion Chair, you can now complete your practice without the risk of slipping or tipping over. Using the inversion chair during pre or post practice stretching can help develop great core strength.

They also have a Meditation Chair coming soon! So be sure to keep an eye on their page.

We hope that by showcasing South African Activewear, you found a brand you loved! Make an impact in supporting South African Yoga Brands this year.

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Romi has been writing for Bookamat since 2020. She loves adventuring, practicing yoga and writing about the latest fitness trends.
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