Pilates (in Bermuda) is the path to a fuller, more satisfying life

Their goal is to make Joseph Pilates’s dream come true to bring Pilates to the masses. Vehia Walker and co-owner and co-founder Pauletta Francis are passionate about making Pilates fun, unique and accessible to everyone of all fitness levels. As they say, Pilates is the path to a fuller, more satisfying life. There is no time as perfect as now to start Pilates.

I’ve taken some time out of Vehia’s busy schedule to get some background of their journey with BDA pilates, as well as some of her personal experience.

These are two remarkable women, who have also been featured in Women’s Health and Pilates Style magazine! Read below to get to know BDA Pilates a bit more.

BDA Pilates, Bermuda
BDA Pilates at Bermuda, Queen Street on the second floor of the Bermudiana Arcade.

Romi: Can you share with us a bit of your background and how you got into Pilates and opening your own studio?

Vehia: I have a dance background. I graduated from SUNY Purchase with a BFA in Dance. I was actually introduced to Pilates by one of my class mates. I dance professionally for years while also teaching Pilates. I received a job offer to work in Bermuda and after a few years I decided to open my own studio there.

Romi: What was your Pilates training experience like with Brett Howard?

Vehia: Brett Howard is the classmate who introduced me to Pilates. I’m honoured to be his friend and to have been trained by him. He is an amazing teacher and person.

Romi: How incredible that you have been featured in Women’s Health Magazine as well as Pilates Style! In Women’s Health you featured the criss-cross move to target abs. Can you share your experience with being featured and also what your favourite go to Pilates workouts and series are?

Vehia: Throughout my career I have contributed to various publications and media outlets. It’s so exciting and I’m always a little nervous because I really want to represent how awesome Pilates is! My favourite work in the Pilates system is Mat work and I will always love the series of 5 as well as the sidekick series. I have long legs and I like to work on them.

Vehia Walker on the Pilates Cadillac.

Romi: I practise Pilates everyday at home, and have honestly never felt stronger! Do you mix up your Pilates with some HIIT and yoga movements?

Vehia: I recently started jump-rope and I think it’s great! It makes me feel like a kid again. I also still take dance class every now and then. Also since I live on an island I like to go swimming.

Romi: Besides for being a yoga teacher for over 20 years, you’re also a trained chef! Have you put your chef dream to the side while focusing on Pilates or do you incorporate both into your daily life?

Vehia: I’ll always be a Chef but I’ll probably never work in a restaurant again. However I still love to cook for myself and friends and sometimes clients ask me for meal ideas.

Vehia Walker
Vehia Walker

Romi: Can you share how you managed to get through this pandemic with your studio BDA pilates?

Vehia: It has been a struggle during this pandemic but my partner and myself have worked hard to keep the studio running. These are hard times for everyone but I have great clients who show up and support the studio the best way they can and for that I’m truly grateful.

Romi: Do you have any fun events planned for the next few months or year for your studio that we can look out for?

Vehia: I’m currently having a 5 Week Pilates beginners series to introduce new and existing clients to Pilates and our studio. In the future I plan to have workshops and maybe even a teacher training course.

Pauletta Francis
Pauletta Francis

At BDA Pilates, we believe that Pilates is the path to a fuller, more satisfying life. Once you are in control of your body, you can also control your life. Take charge of your life and fitness because there is no time as perfect as now to start Pilates.

Book your class at BDA Pilates today, and see how you can start making a change in your life! We love getting some insight into the incredibly talented studio owners we have using Bookamat. Read more inspiring stories right here.

Romi has been writing for Bookamat since 2020. She loves adventuring, practicing yoga and writing about the latest fitness trends.
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