Mother’s Day gifts that pay it forward

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, get her a Mother’s Day gift that pay it forward instead of falling for the overly marketed store display gifts!

Get her a gift that has an impact in ways that truly matter. Give your mom a Mother’s Day gift that represents her generosity and helpfulness, and pays it forward.

With everything happening in the world, and so many people affected all over, we could be making a change by implementing one or two of these tips below, and hopefully incorporate these for all special occasions this year and beyond. We would love to celebrate mothers all over the world, not just on this day, but everyday.

Elder M. Russell Ballard said “There is no role in life that is more essential than that of motherhood.” And we’re extremely proud to have so many studio owners part of our Bookamat family, driven by women and mothers. These women and mothers are the driving force behind successful pilates, yoga, dance, swimming and fitness studios from all over the world!

It’s time we celebrate them in a way that will have an impact on society and uplift mothers from all over. Read below how you can pay it forward this Mother’s Day to welcome a much needed change in the retail industry!

Support local street vendors

An artist creating something out of wood

The person sitting next to the road, creating arts and craft, or sitting outside in a public space need support, not the million dollar retailers. These vendors are the entrepreneurs who make a living from every little piece sold. The effort, and most likely every cent they have go into the piece they create. Sometimes you can even ask them to make something specific, whether it’s a painting or a hand crafted piece. Ask to put something on the piece that represents your mom, making it personalised will mean the world to her.

Donate to a charity supporting mothers and children

Donation box for charity

One of the biggest impacts you can make this Mother’s Day is supporting a charity that gives life to a mother and child in need. Mothers who might otherwise be living on the streets, or are in fact living on the streets, depend on these charities, and these charities are dependent on us.

There are numerous ways to help charities in more ways than giving money. You and your mom can go through both of your belongings and see what you no longer need, from clothing, toiletries, decor items, and kitchen supplies.

You can also take her to the store to select some groceries and baby essentials to either donate in boxes provided in store if available, or drop it off at your nearest shelter. A simple Google search will show you how many shelters and charities are located in your area.

Make something yourself

Girl making personal card for Mother’s Day

We might not all be artists, but we can all make something showcasing your skill. Whether it’s baking or cooking her favourite dish, welding something for her, a painting, or even just drawing a card yourself. It’s those little gestures that will always mean far more than any box of chocolates and store bought card will ever have.

Instead of buying those overpriced flowers, walk in nature or in a park and collect a few flowers or greenery that you know she will adore.

Acts of service

Girl teaching mother on laptop

Ask what your mom needs help with. Is there something she’s been complaining about for a while that needs to be fixed, or perhaps need help in the garden, setting the table or making a meal?

This could also mean taking the time to finally sit with her and help with any technology issues and enquiries she might have. We know, they’re daunting, but something as simple as that could make the biggest difference, so show your patience and kindness especially on this day.

These are simple ways that we can all incorporate not just this Mother’s Day, but in our daily lives. We hope you get some ideas and inspiration this year to get a Mother’s Day gift that pays it forward, and makes a change to one life.

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Romi has been writing for Bookamat since 2020. She loves adventuring, practicing yoga and writing about the latest fitness trends.
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