We Love Mermaids & Unicorns Activewear

Mermaids and Unicorns Activewear

Mermaids & Unicorns is a South African brand. Apparel lines include Activewear, Fashion Leggings and Swimwear plus all designs are limited edition pieces.

They import high-end Poly Spandex fabrics which are dye-sublimated; all printing, cutting and sewing is done locally in Durban.

Founder Chuzzy oversees production with the strong sense of quality control, to ensure that every piece of Mermaids & Unicorns apparel is long-wearing, unbelievably comfortable and made with love.

Their pattern-makers are par excellence, with more than a little OCD, they have tested every cut to ensure that the fit is perfect no matter what your size.  No more saggy knees or baggy ankles.

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