Meet Gayle (Woodstock Pilates Studio, Cape Town)

Woodstock Pilates Studio

Gayle is a qualified IDTA teacher, certified Body Control Pilates Teacher and Supervisor and the owner of Woodstock Pilates studio in Cape Town, South Africa.

In addition, Gayle is a qualified BootyBarre instructor and to those who know her, she is a creative, active and inspiring woman.

Running a busy studio

In a busy month Gayle teaches up to 40 classes a week at her studio which is situated at the base of the iconic Table Mountain.

“Joining Woodstock Pilates at the age of 47 has changed my life! My body is so much stronger! Thanks Gayle for your inspiration and awesome classes!”

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As such she has been no stranger to time consuming client administration.

“I used to spend hours taking calls, rescheduling, cash handling and doing invoices each month. It would drive me crazy!” she says.

While Gayle was familiar with online scheduling platforms, she couldn’t find a system that was affordable for her. As such she ran her Pilates and Barre studio using a paper calendar, spreadsheets and her mobile phone.

Gayle joins Bookamat

That was until 2016 when Gayle became the first studio to join Bookamat.

“It’s changed the way I do business and my clients love it too.” she says. “Bookamat saves me hours every week by calculating my invoices and allowing my clients to manage their own bookings”.

Incidentally, Gayle also loves being able to manage her studio from the convenience of her mobile phone and tablet.

Expanding the studio

As a result of Woodstock Pilates success, Gayle has decided to renovate and expand her studio to offer more space.

The renovations are due to be completed in early 2020 and we can’t wait to see the result.

But with Bookamat looking after her client bookings and payments, Gayle is able to scale her studio in complete confidence.

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