Why You Need Bookings For Friends & Family Members

Bookamat supports bookings for friends and family members

At Bookamat, our top priority is to ensure our client’s businesses are growing. We do this by providing easy-to-use software that includes pay-as-you-grow pricing, powerful automation and time saving features. This also includes our integrated bookings for friends and family members feature. Designed to help fitness studios everywhere increase bookings and sales, Bookamat makes it easy to increase organic referrals!

Did you know that referral marketing is the cheapest and most effective way to increase sales? According to research, customers that come through referral have a 37% higher retention rate than those who become customers in other ways. Your referrals are a vital source of new business for your business.

Therefore it makes sense to maximize them, and to know who your best referrers are! So let’s dig in and see how bookings for friends and family members works!

Easy for clients to use

First off, clients who register with your studio on Bookamat can create any number of relationships using their own account. A relationship can be a friend, wife, husband, son or daughter etc. Clients who create a relationship then become a payee for their relationship. This means they can pay for, and even schedule credits on their behalf.

73% of clients we surveyed who use Bookamat said they would use this feature! It also means there’s accurate data in your business booking and sales reports since every booking is under the correct client name.

Manage everything from your business account

Using your Bookamat business account you can easily view client relationships or create new ones. Simply sign into your Bookamat business account and view a clients account. Now navigate to the Relationships tab for that client.

Clients who are booking on behalf of a relationship will be shown on your billing page with an * (asterisk) in front of their name. This means it is easy to see who is booking for others and record their payments. You can also view who the bookings are for by opening the View Account page for the client.

In addition, new relationships are added to the business account client list as new clients.

Bookamat bookings for friends & family members increases sales!

How do I add a relationship for a client?

  1. Go to My Business > Clients > Options > View Account
  2. Select the ‘Relationships’ tab
  3. Choose ‘Add New Relationship’ and complete the form
  4. Select ‘Save & Close’


  • To link the account of a client who already has a Bookamat account to another, create the relationship using their email address.

Allowing clients to book for their relationships using own credits

By default Bookamat will require clients to buy a pass for their relationship before they can book for them. However you can also permit your clients to use their own credits to book their relationships into activities (instead of having to buy a new pass for their relationships) by going to Settings > Booking Conditions and enabling the ‘Allow clients to use their own credits…’ setting.

Referral tracking

To help you identify and track where (or who) new clients are referred from, Bookamat lets clients tell you. New clients can enter their referral source when they register at your studio or gym. You can also manually enter who they were referred by when editing or creating a client.

Client referrals can be viewed on the My Business > Client page, on the Client Report, and when you receive an email notification that a new client has joined your business on Bookamat.

In conclusion

Allowing your clients to book and pay on behalf of their friends and family members means you can easily increase sales. Clients acquired through direct referral (e.g. friends or family) are more likely to be repeat customers and thus generate more sales.

We’re confident you and your clients will really love being able to manage bookings on behalf of friends and family members.

Here are some ways that Bookamat can help increase your referrals.

  1. Referral Tracking
    We help you track where you where your new clients are referred from. Knowing who your best referrers are means you can reward them and foster an environment of trust, gratitude and reciprocity.
  2. Bookings for Friends & Family Members
    Bookamat lets your clients become your brand ambassadors by allowing them to buy passes and make booking on behalf of their friends and family members. It’s the easiest way to generate more referrals.
  3. Rewards
    Rewarding your most loyal clients (and the ones who are the best referrers) by gifting them with discount coupons is a great way to thank you, and encourage them, to keep referring.
Benjamin has been writing for Bookamat since 2016. He is a passionate about helping fitness studio owners grow their businesses.
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