Celebrating Black-Owned Yoga-Wear Brands

It’s time for a shift in the world, and this year has been a year of immense change and impact. Supporting and acknowledging Black-Owned Yoga-wear Brands with a cause is merely a drop in the ocean. But listening to each owner’s stories and backgrounds is a powerful foundation for understanding and change

We also believe there’s nothing that puts you more in the mood for a great workout, than putting on a new set of activewear. And even better than that, wearing clothes from these incredible black-owned businesses!

These brave businesses are making a massive impact in giving back and showing unity and power for generations to come. Reading their stories is inspiring, and seeing their designs is breathtaking!

Starting off with Yema

Yema Khalif grew up in the largest slum in Nairobi Kenya, Africa called the Kibera slums. He grew up in a neighbourhood without clean running water, good schools or job opportunities.

6 Years later he was given an opportunity through Road to Freedom (an organization that empowers and educates children living in extreme poverty) a scholarship to study Communications and Media in the Us. There he met his love and co-founder Hawi Awash who was a refugee in Kenya.

Yema and Hawi now educate orphaned children through their fashion start up YEMA.

Part of their fashion items include the softest, beautiful Bamboo t-shirts, Earth friendly and made from recycled Bamboo.

Photo taken from YEMA’s Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/yemacalif

PRU Apparel LLC.

PRU that stands for Power Representation Unity. An inspiring company that focuses their goals on Empowerment, Pride, Self Love, Representation, Beauty, Health, and Wellness in the form of fashion and fitness.

The prints on their activewear is extremely unique, bold, and brave. We love that it purely presents culture, happiness, freedom, and strength for every body type.

Photo taken from PRU website https://www.pruapparel.com/


‘Who is Glamourina? An unapologetic Black Woman’.

The brand that exists to motivate women of colour to live healthy, active lifestyles by providing them with cultural athletic activewear.

It’s empowering to see culture being presented so elegantly on their sets.

“We want to rewrite the health and fitness narrative to include women who look like us. Women come in all different shades, shapes, colors, and countries. It is time to start seeing these images reflected in the brands that we buy, wear, and support.”

Photo taken from Glamourina Website http://www.glamourina.com/

These are just a small handful of the thousands of powerful and unique black owned businesses. Keep an eye on our Blog for some inspiring stories coming up from some of our own Bookamat clients!

Listen, act. And we can all do our part to end the trauma, and cycle of discrimination and oppression by supporting Black-Owned Yoga-wear Brands with a cause.

The time for change is now!

Romi has been writing for Bookamat since 2020. She loves adventuring, practicing yoga and writing about the latest fitness trends.
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