Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals to benefit your studio

Keeping your studio up to date with replacing old equipment can be pricey. Especially after most studios were forced to close for months this year. We’ve done the research to get the best Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals to benefit your studio in the long run.

Yoga Mats

Yoga mats are one of the biggest expenses for the long run as it needs to be replaced more frequently than other equipment. Purchasing good quality mats will last you longer, but the once off expense will be bigger on your pocket. Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are the perfect opportunity to purchase high quality mats at a more affordable price.

Gaiam has very affordable yoga mats that are free of latex and the top six most harmful phthalates. This mat is a healthy choice for both you and the planet. Their 4mm mats are almost 50% off and comes with a lifetime guarantee!

Backcountry Prana E.C.O yoga mats are a great option too with 30% off selected mats. The textured, anti-slip surface keeps you secure through poses and is also toxic-free manufacturing process with no PVC, latex, or chlorine.

Amazon always has incredible deals with a big variety of yoga mats at great prices! Like these IUGA mats are 30% off, and this Liforme superb quality mat at 20% off.

If you’re interested in an extremely high quality mat that lasts, TheSportsEdit has you covered with B Yoga Mat. The game-changing supergrip of B Yoga’s B MAT will hold your asanas in place, even in the sweatiest heated vinyasa class. Made of 100% eco friendly rubber, the B MAT is non-toxic, lightweight, and cushioned. You’ll feel secure and safe practicing inversions knowing this mat has got your back (and hands, feet, elbows, and knees). We also love using this mat for Pilates or for stretching it out after a run. And is also on 20% discount!

And finally, the BEST deal we’ve found for you is from Yoga Accessories. Not only are these mats already affordable, now you can buy one and get one free! The perfect opportunity to stock up.

Yoga Mats

Yoga Blocks

A must have for your yoga studio, especially for beginners. To ensure proper alignment during poses, and also to deepen positions during stretches and poses. Gaiam has some well priced yoga blocks in 14 different colours! It’s not sale, but the price is a steal!

Then there’s the Yoga Studio Store. Which has every accessory you could need! Unfortunately their yoga blocks are not on sale, but you can buy their yoga foam blocks in packs of 4, 8 and 10 and save in bulk!

Another incredible store for all things yoga is Yoga Accessories and Yoga Outlet, with a variety of yoga block sizes and materials at seriously low prices!

Yoga Blocks

Mat Cleaners

Besides for Covid-19, mat cleaners are essential for your studio. You can find Asutra Organic Yoga Mat Cleaner Made With Essential Oils on Amazon for a low price! Yoga Outlet and Yoga Accessories also has a variety of brands at even lower prices. But most importantly with 1 liter and 1.8 liter refills which you can buy in bulk and save even more!

Foam Rollers

Foam rollers are perfect for muscle massage and self-myofascial release (SMR),  to increase range of motion, aid recovery and prevent injuries. has one for a great deal from Viavito. In the same price range in different colour is the LuxFit foam roller on Amazon.

If you’re on the search for a high quality foam roller and is not afraid of splurging a bit, we found this one from The Sports Edit on sale. This Wave Roller by Theragun is a comprehensive smart foam roller that massages large muscles groups, rolls through tight muscles, kinks and knots, prevents injuries, and helps you recover quickly from intense workouts. It has 5 intensity settings with a 3 hour battery life and bluetooth connectivity.

Foam Roller

Ankle Weights

Ankle weights are a great addition to add to your yoga or pilates to increase the intensity and to tone and strengthen. Finding ankle weights on sale was a bit tricky, but we did manage to find one for you! has some good Black Friday deals on their variety of ankle weight brands.

Amazon as always has a variety of ankle and wrist weights available that is highly affordable!

Other great ankle weights (unfortunately not on sale) but at good prices is from Gaiam. Their own brand ankle weight is priced really well, or you can shop FILA on their website as well for a slightly higher price.

The popular and aesthetically pleasing ankle weight that you might see on all celebrities and influencers is the well known Bala. Bala Bangles add a constant but comfortable resistance to your workout. Wildy versatile, that can be worn on wrists or ankles for training and recreational activities. If you don’t want to shop directly from their website, you can shop them on TheSportsEdit as well as on Yoga Studio Store.

Bala Bangles

We hope you find some of these Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals to benefit your studio. Especially with the hope of having things go ‘back to normal’ soon, it’s important to understand what you can expect in 2021. We’ve written an in depth post in one of our latest blog posts to help you prepare for the next step.

Romi has been writing for Bookamat since 2020. She loves adventuring, practicing yoga and writing about the latest fitness trends.
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