The Best Yoga Or Pilates Studio Software In Australia

Best Yoga or Pilates Studio Software in Australia 2020

Choosing the right booking software for your Yoga or Pilates studio can seem like a daunting task. There are a multitude options with various pros and cons. Plus not every system will meet the needs of your studio.

To help you make the right choice we provide useful resources including:

In addition, for studio owners in Australia, we have curated the best 5 Pilates and Yoga Studio booking software for 2020.

Mindbody Yoga Studio Software

Mindbody Online

The oldest player in online studio management. Mindbody online have been around since 2001. Vista Equity Partners recently bought them for US$1.9 billion in 2019.

Mindbody have grown into an enterprise wellness ecosystem which caters for everything from beauty to fitness to wellness.

In our experience, people who use or have used Mindbody generally have a love hate relationship with them.


Mindbody has created an expansive wellness network which means they have a lot of people using their app to look for classes.

The company is constantly innovating and at the forefront of integrations with mobile and wearable tech and 3rd party wellness providers.

Their software has nearly every feature you can think of and caters for wellness, beauty, fitness and more.

They boast an impressive 1350 employees and reach 130 countries worldwide.


The software is showing it’s age. Many customers find it clunky, non-intuitive and comes with too many features or options they have never used.

Because Mindbody is so complex, it will take their team some time (be prepared to wait weeks) to get your studio set up on it correctly.

Once set up we found some small things missing such as notifications when a new client joins your studio. There is also the problem of clients creating duplicate accounts which constantly need to be merged.

Joining Mindbody means your clients will be exposed to your local competitors offers and deals. This means you must work hard and spend more on Mindbody ads to stand out from the crowd.

We also don’t like that Mindbody online locks their clients into a contract and can increase their fees without warning.


Mindbody has been the dominant online booking software for Pilates and Yoga studios for the last 18 years. Their software does nearly everything but also comes at the cost of a high price and poor ease-of-use.

New players in the online booking space are giving Mindbody online something to think about.

  • Ideal For: Enterprises / Franchises
  • Features: 9/10
  • Mobile Access: Yes (Native iOS and Android Apps)
  • Ease of Use: 6/10
  • Customer Support: 4/5
  • Set up Time: 48hrs +
  • Pricing: $$$ – $$$$$
  • Capterra Reviews: 4/5
  • Website:
Bookamat Yoga and Pilates Studio Software

Bookamat (That’s us!)

Launched in 2016 in South Africa, is one of the newer and more exciting players to arrive on the Yoga and Pilates studio software market in Australia.

Australian Founder and CEO Benjamin Shannon says, “We wanted to build a simple and affordable alternative to Mindbody for studios that couldn’t afford it.”

Based on their success in South Africa, Bookamat is now available in Australia (and globally) where it is already making a name for itself.

Bookamat is the official booking platform partner of Australian Pilates Method Association.


Bookamat is one of the best looking systems we have used. Beyond looking good, we also found Bookamat to be quick to set up and easy to learn.

Because the platform is designed specifically for Yoga and Pilates studios, we found that executing vital tasks such as adding clients into classes, or assigning clients with new passes is quick and easy on desktop, tablet or mobile.

Aside from the great usability, we love that Bookamat offer a unique “Pay As You Grow” model of subscription pricing which scales with your studio’s growth.

Bookamat also offers an industry first “Unlimited Free Trial” which means we could take as long as we needed to get set up on their system. Their customer support is excellent.


Bookamat doesn’t have 3rd party software integrations with accounting, inventory or marketing software.

Their website does indicate that these features are coming soon.


Bookamat provides amazing value for money for small to medium Yoga, Pilates or Fitness studios. In terms of key features it ticks all the boxes including, client self-service, mobile friendly, online bookings & payments, recurring bookings, minimum payment commitment periods and auto debit to name a few.

If you can live without (or wait for) instructor sign in, SMS and online appointment bookings, then this is one of the best booking systems available in Australia.

  • Ideal For: Small to Medium Yoga, Pilates or Fitness Studios
  • Features: 8/10
  • Mobile Access: Yes (Progressive Web Apps for Android & iOS)
  • Ease of Use: 9/10
  • Customer Support: 5/5
  • Set up Time: 2hrs +
  • Pricing: $ – $$
  • Capterra Reviews: 4.7/5
  • Website:
Nabooki Online Yoga Booking System


Based in Queensland, Australia, Nabooki was the official partner of Yoga Australia in 2018.

Founded in 2014 they describe their platform as providing “… white-label marketplace solutions for todays on-demand and daily deal platforms. Our unique technology enables platforms to create a fully transactional marketplace where consumers can search, book and pay.”


Nabooki connects with a host of 3rd party partners including Stripe, Quickbooks, Paypal, Neto, Groupon, eWay, Braintree and Xero. Their customer support is highly rated and their software is flexible enough to cater for a host of different industries.


The biggest drawback for us is Nabooki’s lack of support for mobile access. Not only do we not like being able to access our classes, teachers, bookings or clients from our phone, but neither will our customers.

While Nabooki is the booking software partner of Yoga Australia, they are not a dedicated Yoga studio booking system.


We felt that while Nabooki can work as Yoga studio software, we weren’t really convinced that it will be the best choice for Yoga or Pilates studios.

  • Ideal For: Marketplace or Service Related Businesses
  • Features: 7/10
  • Mobile Access: No
  • Ease of Use: 7/10
  • Customer Support: 5/5
  • Set up Time: 24hrs +
  • Pricing: $$ – $$$
  • Capterra Reviews: 4.8/5
  • Website:
Punchpass Online Class Management For Yoga Studios


Punchpass is a class management platform for small businesses. It was founded in 2003 by Chris Patton who wanted to help a small studio owner find a simpler way of running her fitness business.

They are based in Vermont, USA and are priced in US dollars. At the time of this article being published they had just increased all three of their pricing tiers.


Punchpass is a dedicated booking system for small group class based businesses. This makes it ideal for Yoga classes. It is run by a small team who are able to listen and respond to their customers.

They have recently redesigned their software interface to make it more user-friendly and regularly add new features.


Their cheapest Bedrock plan works out to around AUD $60 per month (USD $39) which is a lot to pay compared to other booking software.

Punchpass do not offer a guided tour or live demo. Their two week trial is short compared to Bookamat’s unlimited free trial

Punchpass do not offer the same level of 3rd party software integrations such as Acuity or Mindbody.

Their customer support is based in the USA meaning time difference is an issue for Australian studios.


Punchpass is a great choice for small group class Yoga studios. They are a small team with a heart for small businesses. For us though, a major drawback is their limited ability to service customers outside the USA.

We also found that for the features Punchpass offer, you can pay less with other software.

  • Ideal For: Small or Independent Class Based Studios
  • Features: 7/10
  • Mobile Access: Yes (Progressive Web App)
  • Ease of Use: 7/10
  • Customer Support: 3.5/5
  • Set up Time: 24hrs +
  • Pricing: $$ – $$$$
  • Capterra Reviews: 4.7/5
  • Website:
Acuity Scheduling & Online Bookings

Acuity Scheduling

Acuity scheduling started in 2006 when Gavin Zuchlinski decided to help his mother with her massage therapy business.

Based in New York and boasting over 50,000 business on their platform, Acuity was recently acquired by Squarespace.

Acuity is priced in US dollars and offer four different plans to choose from including a free plan for solo.


Acuity scheduling offers great features with a high degree of customisation.

We love that Acuity offers a heap of 3rd party integrations, there is no set up fee and there are no contracts.


We found Acuity to be more tailored towards appointment based (one on one) scheduling than class based scheduling. For example we couldn’t view a group class attendance list without having to download a file. Plus clients can not book two services at once which we found frustrating.

Acuity’s free plan doesn’t include any of the features we would expect to qualify it as a useful online booking platform.

Their pricing is in US dollars. This which means anyone outside the US will pay a variable amount based on the exchange rate.


If you run an appointment based Yoga or Pilates studio then we can recommend giving them a try.

However we are not sure what the future holds for Acuity now that it has been bought by Squarespace. Only time will tell what Squarespace decide to do with it.

  • Ideal For: Businesses which focus on appointments rather than classes.
  • Features: 8/10
  • Mobile Access: Yes (Native Android & iOS)
  • Ease of Use: 7/10
  • Customer Support: 4/5
  • Set up Time: 24hrs +
  • Pricing: $ – $$$
  • Capterra Reviews: 4.8/5
  • Website:

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