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Bookamat Supports Online Class Streaming Services

It’s no surprise that there’s a lot of interest in online class streaming services for fitness studios right now.

Strict new Government precautions designed to protect our health from CORVID-19 mean places offering group classes now must factor in better hygiene practices, self-distancing and that many of their customers may be in self-isolation.

Supplementing in-studio classes

Supplementing your in-studio classes with streaming is a great idea. It gives people who are self-isolated (or unable to attend your studio) an opportunity to join in the fun.

Research shows that increased fitness helps build our immune systems which in turn can ward off and fight sickness.

However many people have been advised to stay at home and self-isolate. Online classes provides them a way for them to stay connected to your studio and helps them keep up their fitness while self-isolating.

And if conditions should change, and in-studio group classes no longer be permitted, then there will be many more students looking to try online classes.

Streaming preparation

There are two main methods for steaming your classes. The first is to pre-record and upload for sharing or viewing on a platform like YouTube or for download via Drop Box etc.

The second method is to live stream your classes. Both methods have their pros and cons and will be preferred by some and not others.

Whichever route you decide to choose, here are some general thoughts to consider before venturing too far down the class streaming rabbit hole.

1. Do you have the right equipment?

You will need access to a device which can record decent quality video and sound. Not only this but it may also be necessary to consider the lighting and other factors when trying to record a class.

You will also need a decent internet connection to be able to upload your video or streams to the internet.

2. Will your students join?

It can be very exciting to talk about joining or hosting a streamed class but there are considerations for your students too.

For example, do they have an internet connection capable of viewing your stream? Do they have ample space in their homes to be able to “join” and participant in the class. Will they need equipment?

3. Know the limitations

Your students chose to come to your classes in-person because they prefer the human interaction and benefits which that brings. Online classes are a totally different experience both for your students and for those teaching them.

Before offering your own classes online, why not join some online classes yourself to see how they work? Learning from people who have already perfected the art of hosting online classes is a great place to start.

In Summary

Streaming classes is a great way to supplement your in-studio classes. Before jumping in with both feet, remember to consider the practical side of streaming your own classes. And if you can, take some time to join an online class yourself to get a feel for how it works.

At Bookamat we are completely invested in the fitness class industry. As such we have taken steps to help studios through this challenging time by introducing live class streaming options.

In addition, our subscription model is based on the number of active clients who attend your classes each month. This makes Bookamat the most cost effective booking platform in the world in times like these.

On behalf of us all at Bookamat, we wish all studios and students a safe time, and a quick turnaround in fortunes!

10 Free Online Streaming Services

1.) Google Meet
Benjamin has been writing for Bookamat since 2016. He is a passionate about helping fitness studio owners grow their businesses.
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