The Latest News From Bookamat

The Latest News From Bookamat

14 January, 2020

  • Activity Report
    • Performance analysis for activities and classes
    • Download as Excel
  • Client Report: Latest Activity
    • See when each clients latest activity / class was to help with client retention campaigns.
  • Client Payment Confirmation
    • Your business address is now displayed on all client payment confirmation emails.
  • Copy Link (Share Activity)
    • Share any activity via email by copying the link to your clip board.
  • Practice Number
    • Added ‘practice number’ to the account page which displays on invoices.

29 November, 2019

  • Auto Debit for recurring passes
    • Clients can set their recurring passes to be automatically debited from the bank cards for added convenience
  • Colour picker for live schedule
    • Set the colour of your live schedule to match your website branding

18 November, 2019

  • Integrated Square accounts for faster payouts
    • Link your Square account with Bookamat
    • Currently for Australian studios only
  • Events & Workshops now have a tab on the live schedule
    • Services with categories ‘Events’, ‘Special Events’, ‘Retreats’, or ‘Workshop’ will be displayed in the new tab
  • Improved client basket card capture to increase sales
    • Quicker card capture leads to fewer aborted sales
  • Added an unsubscribe option for clients receiving the ‘Email All Clients’ email
    • Clients can toggle their notification settings from their apps
  • Layout improvements on the new booking page
    • Limits the amount of text shown when there are long lists of instructors or paired services
  • Payroll and Attendance reports can now be downloaded as PDF
    • Generate and save as PDF
  • Client notes column added to client import template
    • Import your client notes when migrating from other systems

18 October, 2019

  • Freezing / pausing passes or packs.
    • Perfect for when a client has to go away unexpectedly
    • Resume when needed and set a new expiry date
  • Clients can now browse and book packs from your website.
    • There is now a browse packs tab on your live schedule
    • You can even link to (or share) specific packs
  • Allow instructors to be double booked for concurrent activities.
    • Now instructors can teach more than a class at one time
    • Look under Settings > Booking Conditions
  • Allow overlapping activities to take place in the same location.
    • For running concurrent activities in one location
    • Look under Settings > Booking Conditions
  • Create memberships that never expire.
    • Because sometimes 12 months just isn’t enough
    • Perfect for creating an endless pass for friends and family

10 October, 2019

  • Updates to client accounts outstanding payments
  • Updates to client invoices
  • Auto subscription billing (for businesses outside Africa only)
  • Updates to client birthday notifications
  • Updates to speed up the client registration process
  • Updates to pricing/bookings which can now be set to never expire

To request a new feature please email [email protected]

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