Bookamat & Classpass


Classpass lets you sell a set number of your class spaces each month for a heavily discounted rate.

While this can help you increase revenue in the short term, it can it can also have a negative effect on revenue in the long term.

That’s why it’s important to pay close attention to how many bookings you allow Classpass to sell, and over time track whether this is having a positive or negative impact on your monthly revenue.

If you are you using Classpass or other aggregate fitness class platforms to fill empty spaces, Bookamat can help you manage their bookings simply and easily.

Simply create a client called Class Pass and now you can freely assign them into the classes you are selling on ClassPass. Want to reserve more than one space in the same class? Easy! Just create multiple clients, e.g. Class Pass 01, Class Pass 02 etc…

At any time you want to allow a full paying client to take a spot reserved for Classpass, simply remove the Classpass client and move the full paying client in. Easy!

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