Client Self-Check In

Client Self Check In

What is client check in?

Put simply, it’s the easiest way for clients to confirm attendance on arrival or book in on the day. It’s a great time saver if you run large group classes where pre-booking is not required.


How does it work?

Easy! Open the client check in page (under Attendance Form) on your tablet or touch screen device for clients to check themselves into the class, workshop or event as they arrive.


Client check in works for:

  • Pre-booked clients who can see their name on the attendance list.
  • Pre-paid clients who can schedule their credits into the class.
  • Clients without passes who can book into the class on a new pass.
  • New clients who can add their details then book on a new pass.


Your clients can even leave notes or feedback about the class for you to read later.


Want to try client check in at your studio? Register for free or contact us to find out more. Bookamat is priced from ZERO per month with no lock in contracts. There’s no better time to join!

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