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Bookamat Time Saving Scheduling

A small change in our exercise technique can have a dramatic effect on our posture, performance and general well being. At Bookamat we apply the same principle and are always looking for ways to deliver better business performance and time savings for our clients.

Here are three small changes we’ve made recently which are helping to make a big difference to our clients.

1. Schedule Multiple Credits

Scheduling multiple credits for clients is now a breeze. Simply go to the credits page, select ‘Schedule Credit’ and you’ll now be able to schedule multiple credits at once. This also works for your clients, saving everyone time when rescheduling.

2. Client Accounts

Bookamat keeps a personalised record of every client’s outstanding payments, billing history, attendance history and now credit history.

This means it’s easy to find the right information when you need it which helps you to deliver a better service for your clients.

Plus, because clients can also access their attendance and billing history from their own accounts, you’ll spend less time answering customer queries.

3. Birthday Reminders

Here is another great way to deliver a personalised service to your clients and save time. Simply add a client’s birth date to their profile and Bookamat will send them a friendly message on their birthday on your behalf.


Interested in trying Bookamat for your business? Now is a great time to start your free trial!

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